Harmonics of Mind: Exploring Psychedelia 

Partners: King's College London; Science Gallery London; Mind

“I was really moved by the evening. I thought the visualisations and sounds were remarkably captivating and meditative, I definitely felt a strong sense of calmness after walking away from it... I appreciated...the panel discussion on the research done in the field (as well as individuals' shared personal experiences). [It was] remarkably productive in thinking about this topic without the shame and stigma that society often likes to put on things like drugs and mental health issues (both separately and together!).”

On the 31st of May 2018, using brain data recorded from those in psychedelic states, Senscapes craft an audio/visual immersive experience to explore our mind, generated from the data itself.

Located at The Chapel in King's College London, the performance was followed by a panel comprising world leading psychologists, neuroscientists, and a participant from the recent studies exploring the use of magic mushrooms to treat depression. 

The performance is rooted in a experimental recordings of the brain waves from a study of a volunteers undergoing a psilocybin experience. Using novel technologies, Senscapes have translated the brain waves of one participant this into a 30-minute immersive audio-visual experience. The audience will be taken through the psilocybin trip as lead by the biological narrative dictated by the brain waves recorded during the actual experiment.


Dr. Selen Atasoy – Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oxford – Selen’s research focuses on the neuroscience of sleep, psychedelics, and the neural correlates of consciousness.

Dr. Chris Timmerman - Doctoral researcher at the Psychedelic Research Group, Imperial College London. Chris' research using DMT aims to understand what phenomenological experiences can inform us about the neural processes of consciousness.

Dr. David Erritzoe – Academic Clinical Lecturer at the Department of Medicine, Imperial College. David is active in researching the neuropharmacology of psychedelics and recreational drug use.

Ian Roullier – Ian was a participant in the psilocybin research who was able to speak about his personal experiences concerning psychedelics and depression

Dr. Rosalind Watts – Clinical Psychologist at the Psychedelic Research Group, Imperial College. Ros’ work centres on studying the subjective effects of psydelics and its potential role in therapy.

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