about us

Senscapes is where neuroscience, art, and music come together. 

Our mission is to immerse you in the mind's of those in altered states.

Using brain data and subjective narratives from participants recorded in altered states, Senscapes craft audio-visual experiences.

Our services consist of creative direction, immersive installations as well as data analysis and manipulation. 

Joe Barnby

Composer & sound designer

Abbi Fletcher

Production & artwork

Dr Timothy West

Data analyst

Steven Jerjian

Data analyst

Joe is a cognitive and computational neuroscientist at the Queensland Brain Institute. 

Joe directs Senscapes overall, and writes and directs their music.

Abbi is a visual artist fascinated by the future of textiles and the evolving relationship between technology and craftsmanship. Abbi specifically focuses on how this relationship is positioned amongst existing boundaries, and how it can be used to anticipate peoples’ future needs and desires.

Abigail leads the visual direction of Senscapes - helping to mould the broad, visual design and visual output of pieces, shows, and events.

Tim is a neuroscientist researching the development of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease. He is fascinatedin understanding the coding of movement and action in the dynamics of brainsynchronisation.

Timdevelops and sources new technology to continually innovate the waySenscapes generates it's art from brain data.

Steven is a neuroscienst using neuronal recordings to research the role of mirror neurons in the processing of movements. He is interested in how action is generated in the brain and how this knowledge can be used to develop BCIs of the future.

Steven leads neural data acquisition, processing, and transformation to provide the raw materials that will be converted into sound and vision.

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