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Immersing you in altered states.

Joe Barnby

Co-founder & Director

Neuroscientist @ Queensland Brain Institute & King's College London, AUS/UK

Abbi Fletcher

Co-founder & Director

Lecturer @ University of the Arts London, UK

Jerome Davenport

Operations & Design

Street Artist @ Blank Walls, Australia

Steven Jerjian

Data analyst & Preprocesser

Neuroscientist @ Johns Hopkins, USA

Joe is a cognitive and computational neuroscientist at the Queensland Brain Institute and King's College London. He deeply care about bringing together science and art in innovative and immersive ways. 

Joe directs Senscapes overall, and writes and directs their music.

Abbi is a visual artist fascinated by the future of textiles and the evolving relationship between technology and craftsmanship. Abbi specifically focuses on how this relationship is positioned amongst existing boundaries, and how it can be used to anticipate peoples’ future needs and desires.

Abigail leads the visual direction of Senscapes - helping to mould the broad, visual design and visual output of pieces, shows, and events.

Jerome is a street artist and founder of street art company Blank Walls. He likes to turn our physical surroundings into the wierd and the wonderful so that we can explore ourselves and the world around us in new ways.

Jerome leads the operations and set design of Senscapes in Australia.

Steven is a neuroscienst at Johns Hopkins, USA, passionate about understanding neural data in new and interesting ways.

Steven turns the raw data from neuroscience experiments into sound files.

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